Science History Institute Rebrand 

Rebranding the Science History Institute included a new focus on the organization’s mission, including archived imagery and introducing a new expressive color palette to their exhibit branding. The new branding highlights the evolution of science, sharing the stories of innovators, and educating visitors about discoveries that have helped shape our lives. This main and special exhibit poster, web banner ad, flag pole banner, brochure, and letter head and business card features a bright yellow color which is meant to inspire the feeling of joy and acquired knowledge because this color resonates with the logical side of the brain by stimulating our mental faculties.
Exhibit Posters
Left: "For the Curious" main exhibit poster
Right: "The Age of Alchemy" special exhibit poster
Museum Advertisements 
Left: "For the Curious" website banner ad
Right: Museum flag pole banner
Exhibit Print Pieces
Museum brochure, letter head, and business card
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